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One Stop Shop Industrial Ltd. trades all kinds of refinery products across North America mainly diesel and jet fuel.

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  • Petroleum Coke


Petroleum coke is a solid material and a byproduct of the coking unit, a residual fuel, extracting more gasoline and other high value fuels from each barrel of crude oil, resulting in the formation of a solid carbon product named petcoke. The quality of the coke is dependent upon the crude oil processed in the refinery. Cokes produced from sour crude oil are high in sulfur and trace metals.

The chemical and physical characteristics of petcoke are a function of the crude oil and refining technology used by the refinery. Petcoke can be hard or relatively soft. Physically, petcoke can resemble large sponges with numerous pores, or it can resemble small spheres, ranging in size from a grain of sand to a large marble. Chemically, petcoke can include a variety of elements and metals in a wide range of concentrations. These cokes are used in fuel applications such as utility boilers and cement kilns. Cokes produced from sweet crude oil can have properties that are suitable for calcining  that are used in carbon anodes for aluminum smelting and electrodes for electric arc furnaces.

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